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Installing NumPy

Installing NumPy

Before NumPy's functions and methods can be used, NumPy must be installed. Depending on which distribution of Python you use, the installation method is slightly different.

Install NumPy on Anaconda

If you installed the Anaconda distribution of Python, NumPy comes pre-installed and no further installation steps are necessary.

If you use a version of Python from or a version of Python that came with your operating system, the Anaconda Prompt and conda or pip can be used to install NumPy.

Install NumPy with the Anaconda Prompt

To install NumPy, open the Anaconda Prompt and type:

> conda install numpy

Type y for yes when prompted.

Install NumPy with pip

To install NumPy with pip, bring up a terminal window and type:

$ pip install numpy

This command installs NumPy in the current working Python environment.

Verify NumPy installation

To verify NumPy is installed, invoke NumPy's version using the Python REPL. Import NumPy and call the .__version__ attribute common to most Python packages.

In [1]:
import numpy as np


A version number like '1.16.4' indicates a successful NumPy installation.