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Problem Solving with Python Book Construction

Problem Solving with Python Book Construction

Jupyter Notebooks

This book was constructed using Jupyter notebooks. The repo for the book can be found at: The directory structure of the GitHub repo contains all the Jupyter notebooks used the write the book. The repo also contains a set of custom conversion scripts and templates which convert the Jupyuter notebooks into .html and .tex files.

|-- conversion_tools/
|-- notebooks/
|-- notebooks/
|-- pdf/
|-- website/

The notebooks directory contains a directory for each chapter of the book:

|-- 00-Preface/
|-- 01-Orientation/
|-- 02-The-Python-REPL/
|-- 03-Data-Types-and-Variables/
|-- 04-Jupyter-Notebooks/
|-- 05-Functions-and-Modules/
|-- 06-Plotting-with-Matplotlib/
|-- 07-If-Else-Try-Except/
|-- 08-Loops/
|-- 09-Matrices-and-Arrays/
|-- 10-Symbolic-Math/
|-- 11-Python-and-External-Hardware/
|-- 12-MicroPython/
|-- 99-Appendix/
|-- figures/
`-- TOC.ipynb

There is a Jupyter notebook for each section of the book within each chapter directory. Each chapter directory contains an images directory for any images used in the markdown cells of the notebooks.

|-- 01.00-Welcome.ipynb
|-- 01.01-Why-Python.ipynb
|-- 01.02-The-Anaconda-Distribution-of-Python.ipynb
|-- 01.03-Installing-Anaconda-on-Windows.ipynb
|-- 01.04-Installing-Anaconda-on-MacOS.ipynb
|-- 01.05-Installing-Anaconda-on-Linux.ipynb
|-- 01.06-Installing-Python-from-Python-dot-org.ipynb
|-- 01.07-Summary.ipynb
|-- 01.08-Review-Questions.ipynb
`-- images/


The website for this book was constructed using mkdocs and the Material for MkDocs theme. Jupyter noteboks were exported to .html files with markdown cells unformatted using a custom script and nbconvert.


The hard copy of the book was constructed using LaTeX, nbconvert and a set of custom scripts and templates. One conversion script combined all of the notebooks into one BIG notebook. The BIG notebook was then converted into LaTeX using nbconvert and a custom template. Outside of the Python ecosystem, a separate installation of TeXworks compiled the LaTeX .tex file to a .pdf document.